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Jewelry Photography in a Nutshell

2Simple steps for photographing jewelry

As you may know by now, jewelry is very difficult to photograph because it reflects in many cases up to 99% of the light is receives. It is very shiny, highly polished and above all this it may contain color stones or diamonds that make the job even harder.

In many cases, photographing a piece of jewelry is like taking a picture of a mirror – you will see all kind of items being reflected into the piece – the lights, the camera, yourself, the table etc. Also if you try to use your new digital camera to do the job, two major things may happen. If you use a flash, you will either wash out the item (over illuminated) or it will be under illuminated with lots of dark areas and uneven lighting from one side to the other.

The solution to Jewelry photography is the use of an enclosed lighting system. The reasons are many. The enclosed system wraps even and balanced light around the entire product you’re photographing. The advantages include an even distribution of light, consistent natural lighting, elimination of glare, and illumination of hard to reach spots.
Tips for Photographing Jewelry:
Use a closed photography setup with soft wrap-around continuous lighting
Perform a custom white balance according to the light you are using
Be sure you have set your camera to manual mode
If you are going to photograph rings or bands, set your maximum aperture to the highest f/stop in order to get the maximum depth of field.
Turn off the flash on your camera, and if you can, connect the camera to the wall using a power adapter. This will ensure that you not run out of batteries during the shooting session.


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